By dogwithnobrain

The thoughts you’ve had locked away

I took a half day to day.

I was exhausted and managed to nap within half a hour of coming home.

Himself had the day off and was decorating in all different parts of the house so I just lay here and dozed. It was heavenly!

We took a run over to Irvine and looked at carpets, Marks and Spencer’s and the cancer research shop…

Came home and I made a disappointing Gousto… the first really awful one. Si liked it

We had a wee run up to the allotment… to Si’s horror the Scouts were there and has he tried to walk nonchalantly to the allotment without being noticed he failed miserably and he was being yelled at from all angles..

Oi Si, Come back… oi Si. Come on.

He just kept walking really fast.

Look at the strawberries… amazing. This is the first year we have had decent strawberries .. Beautiful!

It was a lovely walk and then we came home to watch the last two episodes of Das Boot.. which I had adored!

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