By dogwithnobrain

Je chantais pour la première fois

Oh dear gawd.

Si and I are watching the best songs of 1976…. Earlier we caught the tale end of ‘the drought of 1976’

Both of us were racking our brains for this ‘heatwave’ but nope. Neither of us can remember being overtly hot or burnt.

We thought the songs would spur memories
But no.. what it did do was relight memories of a holiday in France!

Frankie Valli’s ‘oh what a night’ was a massively popular song in France when we were there one year; sung by Claud
Francois. I implore you to watch the video…. This guy was a star

The entertainment in the campsite we were are was hysterical… they were all French we had very little comprehension about what was going on… but boy we enjoyed it.

One night there appeared to be some kind of nominate and answer game going on… and if you didn’t get the answer you were up for a dare..

I looked at some of our neighbours on the camp site and thought I know what they are planing and made my escape to the toilet …

I came back ten minutes later thinking they would have forgot about me… nope. They were waiting for me .

The Called me up; asked me the question and everyone waited …. They asked me the question on French… I had no idea what they asked ..

I answered ‘Claud Francois’ it was the only name I knew…

No it was wrong; I had a dare to complete… I had to sing a song for everyone….

Oh dearie me…..

A roomful of Frenchie… my kids… my husband I couldn’t let them down and so I launched into YMCA knowing the French loved it and they would all join in.

I still have nightmares about that

PS as you can see. Cats are fine and dandy

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