By dogwithnobrain

I was gonna clean my room... and then

I have had such a busy day... a full day - and I had so much to say, and I couldn't choose a photo, so I give you three.

It's Father's Day today and both kids checked in at their respective waking up times; I made him breakfast and that is how lovely a day of Father's Day he had.

We had so much to do - and when I say "we" I of course mean "he".

He has been working on different parts of the house- this week it has been the back bedroom. last decorated by Tooli- it needed a little smartening up. 

During the week he has lifted the edge of the carpet, sanded and painted the skirting; filled the holes in the walls from the various pictures; sanded those holes.  Yesterday he outlned the room and painted three of the walls.

This morning he had to repaint the walls, empty the room, lift the carpet, take the old carpet to the skip.  Final Coat on the wall, lay the new carpet, move everything back in.

And he did it....look at that picture. Carpet down, laid, and all fresh. Amazing. 

Then he got an envelope from Tooli - *yeah we were confused about Royal Mail delivering on a Sunday.  She sent him a Book, 52 things to do on the toilet.  Lovely.  Just what he needed.

Look at him - that's him opening his envelope.  He was delighted. 

While he was doing all that, I weeded the drive and tried to get Beanie back into Cosmo Cottage.   Something has happened and she has decided not to go back in.  I was on the floor sniffing to see if someone else was in  and left a smell, but I couldnt find anything. 

So I washed their sheets, and Cleaned the floor, and endeavoured to get Beanie in to Cosmo for a little cuddle, by (a) playing with rope, and (b) doping her up with CatNip?

Oh dear god, the reaction was immense.  I opened the bag half way down the garden and said "hey beanie sniff this", and she did, and then leapt at me and hung from my hand and the bag, and bounced straight into cosmo- knocking the bag out of my hand and throwing the cat nip all over the place.  Then she threw herself on top of it and rubbed herself all over, Beau came in and joined in and the top of them were off their head in a matter of minutes.

Oh dearie me.   How funny that was. 

But oh, my,  My husband.  What an amazing man he is   All that stuff he has done, with no help - only me hindering.   And then in the middle of all of that.... He made Spatchcock Chicken, Marinaded in Jerk Sauce, with Turmeric Rice.

Yes,   He is that Amazing.  That Amazing, and he is MINE.   And I love him so very, very much.

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