By dogwithnobrain

Have I done Something Wrong .. For you to leave

That's how to pack in Life to a Monday 

Get up - Go to work. Answer about a million emails. 

Count Lots. 

Drink coffee. 

Drink Water. 

Come home. Cut the Back grass, Cut the front grass.  Weed the bit of the drive underneath the car. 

Have Baked Potato. 

Go to Allotment. 

Plant my beets. Plant my beans.  Water the Lettuce, Raddish, Sweet corn, Potatoes, Cabbages, Broccoli, Sprouts and Peas. 

Si Put the shoots from the Strawberries into pots. 

We got ate by many, many midgies (mingies Jessica) 

Came home - watered plants. 

Made tea. 

Feet up. 



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