By dogwithnobrain

We're Gonna get to that Place

Si was heading out tonight, and as I ripped a lump of the climbing ivy off the wall, and headed to the Garden Bin with it, he was waving at me and pointing to the bonnet. 

As I got closer I saw a little fledging starling... I can hear his brothers and sisters squawking right now.   They are nesting in the eaves at the corner of the house. 

He moved the car back, and the birdie stayed where he was.  

I went into the house and got my garden gloves and came out .... Beau and Bean appeared and were very interested. 

I got them into the house, and came back out and lifted the birdie. 

I set the birdie in a tree.  His mother was high up in the branches above him. 

Si left, and I headed into the house, to check on the cats.  I fed them, and went out the back door and checked on him again.  He was settled into the fork of the tree. 

I went back into the house; walked through to the kitchen, and then a drink. I walked into the living room, looked out the window; and stood frozen in horror, as I watched a wicked crow ripping my little fledging to pieces. 

When he had finished ripping the feathers off; he picked up it's poor dead body and flew away. 

This is all that remains of the little bird I tried to save. 

I'm a bit sad. 

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