By cyclops


On the way to school to pick CyclopsJnr up this afternoon my back tyre went flat - fast.  No pumping it up to keep going, it was too bad for that.  I had to phone the school and ask them to put the boy into After School Club as I was going to be late for pickup by the time I changed the inner tube.  I found a piece of metal stuck in the tyre so assumed that was the cause of the puncture, but inspecting the tube this evening the hole was on the side wall - so either the tube must have been twisted or the hole was wear and tear (the surface does look like its a bit worn).  Anyway, I got a replacement tube in and got to the school only two minutes after CyclopsJnr arrived at After School Club - they were quite suprised!  I've put a patch on it this evening as it is still otherwise a serviceable spare.

In other news I just made contact with a Swiss amateur radio enthusiast on the 10m band - first contact I've made on that band!

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