By JoppaStrand

Pens, Pods and Harness Racing

We couldn’t immediately understand how busy the roads were around Musselburgh as there was no racing advertised. However when we got to the edge of the lagoons we realised we were just in time for the last harness race of the day. I used to think these trailers were called buggies or even jaunting carts? Whichever name you choose they still look like a terrifying nigh speed ride!

We walked round the lagoons keeping an eye for skylark nests. There were a number in the sky keeping a close eye on us. On the water we counted 25 swans surfing their suppers from the bountiful Esk’s mouth. We also saw 4 ducks with 24 ducklings struggling to keep everyone in sight.

There was an interesting flat, almost monochrome, light this early midsummer evening. Long range visibility was surprisingly sharp. In the hour that we walked we only saw one plane - Ryanair inbound from Bratislava. Maybe the absence of vented aviation fuel explains why the view is so clear.

Wales played well to beat Turkey. Their progression into the last 16 of The Euros is now looking very likely.

As an aside I have noticed increased usage of the word “pen” as an abbreviation for penalty in the Euros. It gets worse as these “pen” takers then jump on “the pod” to analyse/boast about their skills! “The pod” I hear you ask? Easy. That’s an abbreviation for a podcast! What’s a podcast? Discuss!!

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