By misswinterfinch

Bluejay in the apple tree

Just outside my bedroom window this wonderful apple tree spreads its branches for the birds to jump out toward the window feeder.
And the Chief Birdwatcher in the house, Dori Pickles sits at the end of the bed or on a small table, ready to launch herself toward the screen. It seems her self-assigned job is to help us save money by keeping the birds and squirrels from eating too much seed.
This young bluejay is savvy to her game. He wants to jump out of the tree to grab one of the peanuts still in their shells. But he is aware that the furry jumper will startle him. Repeatedly, he flies toward the seed table and then veers off as he sees Dori's head peaking up.
This gave me enough opportunities to take a photo through the window screen while comfortable sitting on the bed.
It's a perfectly beautiful spring day!
The apple tree has yet to give fruit. It was a volunteered gift from seed in  compost or dropped by a bird 13 years ago when I moved here. The branches come close to the house and are perfect for the birds.

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