Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


As I said yesterday, now that I am doing this particular challenge, I am always on the lookout for something that could be used as an abstract.  I am fairly certain that no-one will guess what this is;  in fact, if anyone does, I will send them a Mars bar - so answers on a postcard - or in the comments.

The only clue is that it was part of my lunch - or rather part of my lunch that I didn’t eat yesterday, so get thinking.

Well, the promised rain didn’t come, except for a very small amount, whereas Mr. HCB was hoping that there would be deluge so that he didn’t need to water the garden.  Every so often the sky clouds over and we eagerly look up and wonder whether this will be the hour - but so far, nothing - our five water butts are ready and waiting for it and meanwhile, Mr. HCB is still lugging cans full of water, some of which is from our washing up, which he insists we save, to at least keep the garden moist.

This is Number 64 in my 100 Abstracts Challenge, to raise awareness of the Mamie Martin Fund, which helps girls in financial difficulty complete their secondary education in North Malawi.

Embangweni Secondary School for Deaf Children is a boarding school for boys and girls situated with the Embangweni Mission, where there is a Church, a hospital, the Donald Fraser Guesthouse and a number of schools.  The Fund supports seven girls at this school. 

Owned and run by the Central Church of Africa Presbyterian, the school strives to provide a good secondary education for its girls and boys over six years, but the school has limited building space and has to borrow two classrooms from the nearby primary school.

Unfortunately, teachers are allocated here and rather than being specialist teachers of the deaf they “pick up sign language from the pupils”.  Sadly, some families abandon their children once they are attending this particular school and do not provide money for transport home or for other needs.  

“While we do our good works, 
     let us not forget that the real solution 
          lies in a world in which charity 
               will have become unnecessary.”
Chinua Achebe

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