Robin at large

By Robin


A visit to the sea front again today. Today's sea front is at stonehaven. 

Quite a lot of people around, though nothing like the crowds in Whitby last week. I did wonder if there was also a weather front as when looking inland there was quite a bit of cloud. Aside from the threatening cloud the weather at the front was warm and sunny. I heard somebody say it was "Mediterranean", well that would be imaginative, add about 10ºc to the temperature and maybe.

The extra shows one of the sea front sculptures. The top of the lighthouse against the sky. I did wonder if this might count for the theme (Shapes) for Abstract Thursday, but maybe that would have been stretching the theme too far.

I remembered to take a camera with me today so did not have to use my phone for the Blip. I know phones take good pictures now, but some of us must remain true to cameras!

There was a super sunset last night. But in my case, though I did take some pictures, the Blip for the day was already committed.

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