By JustSally

Nearly normal.

Today felt as though I was nearly back to normal!
This morning I went to friend Ann’s house where we edited the Talking Newspaper together. We always used to make the selections from the local paper in pairs, putting the cuttings on boards ready for the readers. Since lockdown we had been working separately but now we are back together , and it was a real pleasure, not only doing our editing but talking nineteen to the dozen as well. We go back more than fifty years, so there is always plenty to talk about.
From Ann’s I drove to a favourite pub near Reigate where I met two more WI friends, the group with whom I have been meeting for lunch at regular intervals, again for many years. We were all so pleased to be able to meet. The pub/restaurant was very busy, good to see their trade recovering.
I stopped on the way there at Buckland where the village pond looked pretty. There was a pair of coots dabbling about, or maybe they were moorhens! I thought I saw a splash of red which would mean they are coots.

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