By PicturePoems

Toadstool Roundabout

... or possibly a mushroom. I'm never sure. It was growing wild in a nearby lane, and I've messed with the image using layers and arty textures on Photoshop. (Original in Extras.)

It's been mostly dry today, after some early drizzle, warm but not too hot, with a gentle breeze. I returned to the lanes on my walk, this time spotting a number of speckled wood butterflies, and a couple of common blue damselflies. Only had my phone with me, so no great shots. (The toadstool kept still, which made it easier.)

Followed the grassy bridle path walk with the back roads. This time there were far fewer cars - just two, in fact, at least one of which was driven by a farmer. Yesterday I think they'd been moving livestock as there was a sign saying Road Closed. The sign had gone again today, but perhaps it's served to discourage drivers. I hope so.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the Abstract Thursday challenge, with this week's prompt of 'shape'.

Thank you, too, for all the lovely responses to my yesterblipped dragonfly, which helped it reach the popular pages.

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