By PicturePoems

Just what I was looking for!

Went out for a much earlier than usual walk this morning, specifically to see if I could spot a Broad-bodied Chaser (Libuella depressa) -- and I did! In just the same area that I saw one some years ago.  (My 2017 sighting was a far better photo as it was taken at much closer quarters; this year's was on full zoom.) As last time, it's a gold-bodied female (or an immature male) as the mature male has a blue body. Also saw some Speckled Wood butterflies, which was a relief as butterflies have been so scarce so far this summer.

One other reason for walking early was that was the best of the day; it's now quite sultry and overcast, though yesterday and today we've enjoyed some amazing mackerel skies (see Extras). And now I have a trip to the dentist - should only be a quickie this time and then I'm done -- for a while, at least.

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