Sweet Pea

(only available in white)

Last year I grew sweet peas from seed, and nearly all came up white. So, having collected their seeds last autumn, and sown them this spring, it's unsurprising that the first bloom of the season is ... white! And raindrop-enhanced after a downpour this morning that has been followed by lovely, warm sunshine. Done lots of potting-on, mostly of veggies, and dead-heading. Sown more spinach seeds as, growing in pots, the last sowing is trying to go to seed and, despite my pinching out the central growth, largely succeeding.

Mr PP went to a modified form of U3A archery today, and scored a few bull's eyes. There are many safety rules, including a limit to the number taking part, stringent cleansing of arrows after each firing, which may only be collected by the same one person, the group's convener, while he's not allowed to participate, but has to get out and put away the heavy equipment single-handed. Very noble of him to set everything up for others! Mr PP very much appreciated firing a bow for the first time since last October.

The prompt for today's Tiny Tuesday challenge is 'vegetable'. Well, applying the 'animal, vegetable or mineral' classification, I think my sweet pea squeezes under the wire (even if 'flower' was last week's challenge!). Thanks to host, trisherooni.

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