By MovableParts

Seymour, Say Less

On the precipice of 500 posts, I wanted to “sit with” why it is exactly I love this inspiring, supportive community…my blip-mates, my friends, my people, my peeps from around the globe.

Gratitude arose….grateful for your gorgeous, funny, imaginative,  heartfelt photographs and your links to music, art, history, and literature.  
I now see the world through many more lenses, 
from many more perspectives…
from the everyday to the obscure, from pedestrian to panorama, 
from painterly to abstract.
I see smaller, larger, micro, macro, mono,
I see streetscapes, cityscapes, country sides,
I see wee beasties, large brutes, flora, fauna
And winged wonders from so many places on our beautiful planet…
Some I never knew existed.
Yet, even when I do know, you show it to me in a different light.
Thank you, blipfoto.
Thank you, visitors. This is my love letter...
a humble recognition of y/our deep humanity,
We are the latest glowing version of recycled stardust. 
It is lovely to see you sparkle and to dance with you xx
…as we come together and we come apart through the eons.

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