By MovableParts

Penguin? In New Mexico?

When I first flew by this black crowned heron (while riding my bicycle along the acequia), I skidded to a halt a hundred feet beyond.  What had I just seen?!  A large bird for sure, but what the......? Would it possibly be there if I tip-toed back?  Could I be so lucky?  Research tells me it was probably asleep and so never knew I was taking its photo.

Thank you so very much for sharing your hearts and sprinkling your stardust on my 500th blip!  

I have unlocked my page for comments because simisue requested I do so.  I won't be able to post everyday (because, like the heron, I have fished a wish) but I will comment and visit as much as possible. xxx

May your weekend be full of flights of fancy!

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