A day in the life

By Shelling


There's a field on the way to the village where I live that every year gets seeded with Cornflowers and Poppies. There's always people stopping to take pictures, since they are such symbolic summer plants. I wonder, cynically, if the people running the restaurant and the strawberry stand on the other side of the road also owns the field... Never mind, it's a lovely sight and almost the first one you meet when turning right after the bridge to get to the southern part of Öland. It looks like a bit of heaven has fallen down.

The extra is from the evening walk around The Pond, looking lazy and warm with a coat of pollen on its surface, with the deep, green forest around. It's a meditative place anytime of year and especially inviting today.

We look forward to more sunny and warm days all the way up to Midsummer next weekend. We do need rain too but it'll surely find its way here.

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