A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Curse of the 17th

Life is ironic at times • Before doing a couple of errands this morning, I suggested a river visit to MrsP. She loves to scan the trees and sky for eagles and osprey with her binoculars, and I’m obsessed with the berry-loving cedar waxwings. The sky was blue with a few puffy white clouds and it was still brisk enough for a second layer on top. Perfect! • MrsP was not disappointed. She spotted two adult eagles soaring far overhead, their white tails giving them away, and later observed an adult and a juvenile perched in trees across the river. Meanwhile, I passed the time watching a lone waxwing hop back and forth between two trees next to each another. A few berries were happily consumed but most of the time the bird looked around, perhaps enjoying the view, or maybe waiting for another to arrive. I was so pleased with the number of open shots I got, with nothing obscuring the image of the bird. I couldn’t wait to get home to look at them! • For my followers you may recall I had an OOPS moment when I spotted my first Blue Indigo Bunting. I mistakenly set my camera on something that gave my photos a blue tint. This happened on May 17. Today is June 17. Can you believe I did it again?!? All my waxwing photos are blue!! It’s the curse of 17… So, I hope you enjoy my abstract and fun but hope-they-don’t-notice-my-not-so-beautiful-waxwing photo :) • Beware July 17!

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