By DonnaWanna

Flower Friday - Red Hot Poker Aloe

‘There are two plants which have striking red flower spires in winter. Both are known as red hot pokers. One is the aloe, a succulent plant from Africa. The other, also from Africa, is a perennial called kniphofia, which forms a tufted, grass-like clump’
Burkes Backyard

This was definitely a big patch of the aloe succulent with beautiful spiky leaves which you can see in the collage in extras. I’ll be watching these over the next few days as they open up and get redder and more beautiful as the days go by! :o)

Crazy busy day which went quite smoothly for a change, Fridays can be a bit of a free for all!! :o).  Thank goodness its Friday as I dont think I could have taken it for another day!!

Big day tomorrow as usual but more than usual really as we are having our tattoos, very exciting! ;o). Mine is very small and Julians is bigger, I’ll post pics in tomorrow nights catch up! : ) 

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