By FrankS

Flowers in the Rain

Over my blipping years I've used that title a few times, today I literally mean it; it's been raining all day, starting as we left our Airbnb and continuing ever since.  We were going to stop on the way home but abandoned that idea due to the weather.

So home and unpacked we settled down for a bit of tennis at Queens....unfortunately rained off until about 4:30.  So we resorted to watching Day 3 on iPlayer.

In-between matches I donned my wet weather gear and popped out into the garden.  The Mock Orange bush was bursting into flower, lovely white against the dark green leaves.  So two pics sheltering the camera from the rain as much as possible and I have an entry for today's Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear.

Queens eventually uncovered the court and we could watch some live tennis, Britain's Dan Evans in the quarter final.

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