Eye to Eye

By HilarysView

Badger Beauty

A late blip tonight. Mum badger and two of her three babies who put on a great display of play for me. This was the only shot I managed with them all relatively still in the dusk. Blurry action in extras and a sweet little fox cub who was shocked to see me with my umbrella up pointing a black thing at him! He arrived first around 19:00 and the badgers at 20:35.

All the time I was “hiding” I was worried about Nexya who had disappeared before I went off, something she never does! She still was nowhere around when I returned, she had probably been asleep in the spare bedroom downstairs, I looked there, didn’t see her and had closed the door. Preston had to go to the vets again today, more scabs on his face… now testing for food allergies! These cats are aging me!

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