A time for everything

By turnx3


The day started warm and dry, though overcast. After breakfast we had to take the Honda Accord in for a service. This is our second car, 14 years old now, and hasn’t been used much lately, due to a combination of Covid and Roger being retired and us doing many things together. Also, the driver’s seat has sagged over the years, and so given the choice Roger will take the Accura when out on his own, whereas at one time he would have taken the Accord. When we got back, Roger called his Dad, and while they were talking, the skies started getting darker and darker, and I had to put all the lights on. The storm when it arrived wasn’t actually as bad as you might have expected from the dark skies. As I write this at 9pm, we are awaiting another storm coming through and can already hear the distant rumbling of thunder. In between we did have a few hours of sunshine late afternoon/early evening, though it remained quite blustery, and I was able to get this shot of the lantana in my patio containers in the sunshine. I haven’t planted it before, but it seems to be doing quite well so far, and is so pretty. I was busy at home today doing some laundry, ironing, changing sheets, tidying up and vacuuming.
Step count: 4,743

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