By Marionb

Blipping in the Rain

It was one of those days that starts out raining so you expect that later, it will stop and the sun will come out. I did all my errands first - in the rain - and then before heading home, went down to the harbour with the hopes that a break in the weather was imminent. The rain did let up somewhat and I ventured out for some photos - in the rain - but there were not many appealing people, no dogs, no ominous skies -  just white and gray and fog and rain. There was only one boat on the water and it was the police boat... not necessarily a photo-worthy boat, but what WAS interesting was the collection of traffic cones in the stern. (extra) Traffic cones? Out on the lake? For what possible reason would you need traffic cones on Lake Ontario? You tell me, because I cannot figure THAT one out! Then it began to pour rain, so I headed back into the car to wait it out and started checking Blip posts as I am always behind in that. Found a neat one by Pedros..his "sky was crying" and there were "tears" on a garden plant..Well I am here in pouring rain with no sign of it clearing up, so there are a lot of "tears" out there on why not? Solution to my problem? Forget the harbour shots. Make my main blip "wild roses in the rain" and go home!  Thanks Pedros.

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