Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

At the Opera

Watching Seattle Opera’s movie production of Tosca on our TV.    Seattle Opera is one of the view USA opera companies that actually followed though with their scheduled operas ( 5 , here) at the scheduled times of the pandemic year but totally restaged for video complete with covid restrictions and distances.   And it was so interesting because each one got more creative.   And the last two were filmed at another location ( the previous  one , Flight, was filmed very effectively at the museum of flight.) This innovative Tosca was filmed entirely in different parts of St James Cathedral.  It’s blipper friend Mike’s church and we have been there mostly for performances.    So she came to watch with nibbles for dinner.     The way this was filmed using some shadow figures, it was much less obvious that no character was ever within 6 feet of another….( the production of Don Giovani seemed awkward as the womanizer never touched a woman.)  The up and personal were sung to a camera only,     Very fun I thought…. And I sure liked our seats. 
Tosca’s in the extra. 

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