By gillyh

Feeling chilly?

..then think of these Eider ducks for it is their down which went into the eider downs that we all slept under as children on cold nights. Not used much now, the poor old goose has drawn the short straw.
These two common eider ducks were shepherding their tiny flock of 4 in the stormy waters and l watched them for about 15 minutes bobbing about in the waves. Can you find all 4 ducklings?
Yesterday we drove the last leg of the journey back to London in most probably the worst driving conditions l have faced, the rain was torrential, the M1 motorway was very busy with lots of huge trucks and visibility was at times almost non existant. I tucked myself behind another car and followed its lights. The journey took an hour and a half longer than expected. M watched a very indifferent match between Scotland and England on tv, l did not.

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