A Day In The Life

By Irish59


and smell the roses. I’ve always liked that saying but I didn’t fully appreciate it until retirement. While working I was always so busy trying to fit everything in, but of course not everything did fit, so they were left behind. Unfortunately what was often discarded are the things I most enjoy now in retirement. Time is obviously a significant factor but Prioritization, what we do with that time, is even more so, I believe. The things I value now are very different than what my younger self thought important. I’ve had a wonderful life and don’t have any regrets but if I had the ability to make a few priority changes, I definitely would! I guess it’s called wisdom, but it also makes this time in my life extra special :) • Enjoy your Saturday, and like this gray squirrel, enjoy where you are and what’s around you, because it’s the little things that truly matter! • It’s Juneteenth National Independence Day. A day long overdue but finally Federally recognized as a US holiday. Rightfully so • Cheers!

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