Very strange kind of day today. After breakfast we went to the supermarket. We didn't have a long shopping list and so we went to the office supply shop next door to look for a desk chair. They have some perfectly good chairs for €150, which are simple enough and adjustable enough to be useful. We had good office chairs in England, but had to leave them behind as we ran out of space in the last van... Next door to the office supply shop was second hand shop, basically selling easily re-sellable items like CD/DVD/computer games, and consumer electricals. I was quite surprised at the volume of nearly new electricals like laptops and such. While I understand reselling games, I was a little surprised with the sheer number of nearly-new low-to-mid range laptops that people had sold. My wife thinks they must be gifts that aren't much use so people sell them ASAP for cash, even if not going to be a lot.

Anyhow today's blip is the A 792 "Borda", a Lapérouse class survey ship. It was in the harbour today when we went to town to see what was going on. At the moment we don't have to wear a mask outside now, except in certain popular places (e.g. Intra-Muros), so it was nice to be outside without a mask on for a change. As you can see from the picture it was grey and overcast, but it was actually very warm and muggy, and we had a very impressive thunderstorm later on in the evening.

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