Worn out

Today was voting day here in France. The department and regions are electing new members. While most people don't think of them, both have spending power, so if you want things done it helps to have people in power who share your views.

Politics to follow - you don't have to read.

The campaign has been very muted, many people never even received their voting papers (it had been outsourced to save money) so lots of people had no idea there was even an election. My wife stood on the local Green ticket, and has encountered a lot of balderdash from people repeating things that a patently false, but they aren't prepared to engage their brain for a second to think of the tripe they are repeating - Facebook et al are guilty of a lot of disinformation....!

Turnout has been dire and the big worry was that would favour the fascist Rassemblement national party, but so far locally that doesn't appear to have been the case. The Greens have done better than expected, and may make through into the next round. I suspect the traditional conservatives will win the end end - their policy seems to be do nothing unless pushed, while underfunding local services until they break and then selling them off as it's cheaper than fixing them....

Today's blip is an ox-eye daisy that is looking a little worn out - like my wife! She is looking forward to a break, delivering thousands of leaflets one a time on your own by bike is tiring. Unlike the right and far right who pay someone to deliver things, the Greens have to do it themselves. Bit like my experiences in the UK where I was a Parish Councillor, and Liberal Democrat activist - UKIP and their nutty chums used money while we had to use volunteers...

Extra is a ladybird larvae.

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