Go from side to side

Woke up this morning to learn my wife had made it to the second round in the departmental elections. The left and centre did very poorly, as did the sitting councillor (right), but the local right mayoral mafiosa candidates from our Mayor/MP seem best placed. The best news is that the Far Right did very badly, half the vote as last time. So as I type my wife is filing her papers for the second round. If you add all the right vote casts in the first round and assume they all go to the Mayor's minions, and add all the left and centre and assume they go to my wife's Green ticket, the Mayor's candidates will win by a significant margin, BUT turnout was so low, that if the Greens can motivate only a small number of people to actually vote next Sunday they could overturn the establishment....

Today's picture is the end of our garden going from side to side. It's three wide angle pictures (EF 20 mm) stitched into a single picture, and then converted to mono. I prefer to use the mono filter on the import step as the Ilford filter gives the best results, but I didn't want to convert to mono until I'd stitched the pictures. It's rather a mess at the moment, a bit like the rest of the garden.

I do endlessly make fun of the local Greens, but I'd much rather have them instead of the current MP/Mayor's pick. I'm not allowed to vote since 1 January 2021, though I have to pay tax and such. I need to pass my language test, before I can apply for citizenship. That's going to take a bit more time yet...

Go Greens...! Allez les verts ...!

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