Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Wildflowers in unusual settings

Today we begin WildflowerWeek21_13 and I thought this time it might be fun to add an extra wrinkle: wildflowers in unusual settings.  I hasten to add, though, this is not a challenge - hearts will be  given as always on how interesting I find the shots.

So let's start looking - at  pavement edges, parks, odd corners, in walls, carparks and scrub, or, in this case, in a jar on a cafe table.  And if you just want to visit your favourite beauty spot and blip orchids, that's fine too.

This afternoon I went for a coffee with a friend.  We sat outside at a table in the middle of the road (a tiny road leading up to a traffic dead end, but an odd experience all the same).  On the table they had jars of these:
French Cranesbill: geranium endresii
Lady's Mantle: alchemilla vulgaris
Meadow Buttercup: Ranunculus bulbosus
and rosemary.

Have a good evening and I hope the start of your week goes well  xx

Hearts and Hon Mentions for WildflowerWeek21_12 will be on my journal on Tuesday evening.

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