By stuartjross


I was talking to a technical support/sales man at the survey supply company we deal with. The conversation went sideways briefly discussing the merits of a new much smaller case that most recent SV gear is now supplied with. Having had such a system on hire recently I found myself cursing the lack of space in the box and the fact that the device had to be, unnecessarily, fully dismantled to fit in. D concurred entirely and that same lack of space caused him other problems which I had not even thought of.
Looking at a possible purchase of said kit (and box aside it is very impressive) I said I would make use of an older case if I could get the latches fixed. D explained that the earlier boxes came with a lifetime warranty and that if I sent him a photo they would get replacement catches without any trouble. (Only photo today.)
I was at a land fill site today then a plot on a local industrial estate.       

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