By Ingleman

Who's The Daddy

Blipping pictures of birds today. I will start by saying I have dug up my wallet, chiselled off eons worth of crud and have paid for full blip membership so I can add extras, a point which has been a constant frustration when undecided as to which image to upload. Now I can bore you lot even more by posting many millions of average photos. Yippee.

The day was all about the birds, being the culmination of weeks of waiting, weeks of preparation and a determination to capture them despite the fact the weather was poor, the light was atrocious, the ISO setting so high as to create very 'noisy' images and the fact that most of the images have been severely cropped. It's all a compromise but I am encouraged. The Woodpecker has been feeding youngsters and I got some nice video footage but no usable stills. The Robins and Goldfinches have fledged. When I get good light I will be getting some nice shots. Hopefully!

Uploads are: Main: Great Spotted Woodpecker
                        Extras: A hideously disfigured bluetit; Goldfinch adult; Woodpecker; juvenile Robin; Goldfinch; juvenile Goldfinch

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