Life through the lens...

By ValC


Just north of Doncaster is this delightful Yorkshire Wild Life Nature Reserve, along side the little river Went.
It was such a lovely morning we decided to have a day out, packed a picnic and were off.
Because of the M62 and A1 it only took us about half an hour to get there.
So quiet, so peaceful, wildlife heaven.
The first thing to greet us where the dozens of swifts swooping overhead. A wonderful sight.

We did meet one or two people along the walk.
Firstly some photographers who were sat in the wildflower meadow photographing butterflies, including the Dark Green Fritillary.  They did point some out to me but the were two far away for my little camera, and also wouldn't stay still.
I did however get some good shots of a Marbled White. Also saw a bright red Burnet Moth. Not sure whether 5 or 6 spots. Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, and Brimstone. Unfortunately no photos as they just wouldn't settle.

The flowers included Orchids, Yellow Rattle, Poppies, Vetch, Speedwell, Herb Robert, Meadowsweet, Bindweed, Mallow,. and many others. The Clustered Bell Flowers were just beginning to flower.

It is a SSS ( site of special scientific interest)
Usually very quiet like today.  We regard it as our secret  (  well almost ) place.
However on the Yorkshire Wild Life Trust website, I noticed they were asking people not to visit over the Easter Weekend, as it was experiencing unsustainable number of people. Which means this wildlife haven and the local village are overwhelmed by litter, disturbance of dogs, and cars,
After lockdown everyone seemed to flock to the countryside.
Fortunately for us, now things are beginning to open up again,  a walk in the countryside is not as popular, and places like this can get back to the peace and quiet we enjoy.

Just had to do another collage. So many photos is was difficult deciding which to choose. However  had to include the Marbled white butterfly. Also the delightful little river Went. One of the orchids. A lovely woven wicker statue of two herons in a garden by the river. The little Fairies Meeting Place, where the local children put up their little doors. and the church in Kirk Smeaton, where we stopped at the pub for a shandy to refresh us. It turned out quite hot, especially when the sun came out.
Had a nice chat with a couple on the way back to the car. Needless to say the conversation turned to Football and the European Cup, until we ladies had had enough!

A very enjoyable day, and so near to home.

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