By PicturePoems

Beachy sun

... above a sunny beach!

Don't know where today went, but I do know it included my first dip in the sea of this year. It took three dips before I was brave enough to take my feet off the ground and achieve 5 or 6 strokes; it was a bit choppy for me, as I'm not a strong swimmer. But it was glorious to achieve total immersion (well, almost total; not my head)! Most exhilarating. 

Also achieved 45 active minutes walking down to Blackpool Sands, and enjoyed a lift home courtesy of Mr PP. He even put a binbag liner on the car seat so that I could travel up the hill in my cozzie and change in comfort. Quick read in the bath, instead of on the breezy beach and, a lovely dinner later ... I'm blip-ready!

The other nice 'first' today was a lovely long video-chat with my sister on her new i-phone. We showed each other our gardens and had a good old chinwag. Great fun! We shall do more of this.

And now for a bit of recorded telly ... and bed!

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