Cycling Surprise

As we were leaving Mourão on our way to Évora, we were stopped by a policeman in the middle of the road, and then saw people gathering, so got out of the car to see what was happening... No-one seemed to know what was going on. Loads of police motorbikes and cars went past, and then more cars, and then three cyclists, then one, and then this lot (133 altogether, apparently)... still no idea what it was, but amazed at the number of support cars and extra bikes and ambulances and even a sweeper car.

Mike took a video on his phone to send to our family chat, as we have some keen cyclists, and eventually found out that it's quite a big cycling event, called Volta ao Alentejo, and this was the first stage of six. Our s-i-l filled us in on some of the technicalities, and felt quite privileged to have seen it, even if we had no idea what we were watching - and impressed with what they will cycle in the next six days, ending in the Giraldo Square in Évora.

- a Brazilian lunch in Évora, with black beans, rice and farofa
- stunning moonrise over our garden, see extra, while I was watering
- some posh dry bags arriving from Judith H, so I can take my camera in the kayak, wonderful!

Oh, and some new books, I splurged in Fnac... 

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