By soozaday

One Plant, Many Colors

I keep meaning to put some more acid food around this hydrangea to get it to blue up, but then I wouldn't have all these other colors to enjoy! 

We brought home a very generous flat of "canners" from the fruit vendor at the Farmers' Market. That box was piled so high Mr S could barely carry it to the car. Canners is a euphemism for too damaged to sell at full price, but really juicy and delicious and you better eat 'em quick.  Used to be they'd give this stuff away, but times have changed and a flat like that costs $20.  We did have to spend a good hour sorting and chopping and freezing and making some plum oatmeal bars, but now we've got a good stash of fruit for breakfast and baking. And a big pan of dessert cooling on the rack in the kitchen. I hope I can get a taste before I go to bed or I'll be dreaming of fruit and cinnamon all night.

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