By strawhouse

At the Garden Centre

I met mum and Elsie for another walk today. This time we walked around the fields near Gawcott which I haven't done for months. It was gorgeous!
From there we went to our new favourite garden centre at Preston Bissett.
I can't get into the gardening this year like I did last year. We've hardly even been out there. 
Walking round the nursery today I felt very inspired. So many lovely things.
And so little money. Sigh!
I loved the plants for shady gardens - all beautiful ferns and foxgloves and hostas. 
I was chatting to Mrs C this afternoon and we finally sorted our outing on Sunday. We're meeting at a trampoline place in Swindon (because it's halfway between here and Bath not because we love Swindon!) and I booked a nice pub for Sunday lunch afterwards. For all nine of us!! Exciting!!!
Less exciting was an email from school at 9.20pm letting us know that there's been a positive case in Year 6 and they're "closing the bubble". The children will be working at home tomorrow and we have to wait for the results of a PCR test to see if they'll be back to school next week or if it'll be a week of home learning.
Poor Miss L was so upset. We told her tonight so she didn't get up in the morning not knowing. She cried her eyes and was inconsolable, it was awful. She's gutted that we can't meet up with Mr L and Mr R on Sunday; worried about one of her friends potentially having COVID and no way of knowing who; potentially having COVID herself and bringing it into the house; potentially missing a week of school.....
This fucking virus.

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