Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

My Husband's Snack

We went into Cambridge today as my husband’s watch, after being serviced was ready for collection. It was working when it was sent away, but now it is not working so it is being sent back again.
I was also due an upgrade on my old Samsung phone, so I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. I still have my iPhone, with my main number, but people often cannot hear me, so I tend to use the Samsung more and more when making calls.
Today’s picture is of my husband’s snack, rather than the new phone, which has not been taken out of its box. I need to get a case before I use it, which will have to come from Amazon as the shop did not have any and have no idea when they will be in store again.
The temperature at GMT noon was twenty degrees Celsius.  

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