By feorlean

LD 455 Creggans

Dinner with friends at the Creggans Inn in Strachur tonight which was very pleasant.

I feel as if I have known the place for a very long time .

Its reputation as one fo the first "foodie" places in Scotland was created in the 1960s when the MacLean's bought it as part of their Strachur estate and Veronica started writing cookbooks (some of which I still have).

The I got to know it as a place  for management meetings when I ran Network Scotland in the mid 1980s almost a decade before I came to live in Glendaruel.

After that I got involved in re-launching it, working with a friend who undertook that sort of PR and I have fond memories of helping Sir Fitzroy MacLean (who still owned it) to choose a new wine list .   Later I hosted whisky events there and we even filmed part of a tv series in it.  

These days I go just  for the pleasure of it, but that hasn't happened for ages so it was good to be back , even with continuing social distancing regulations. 

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