By Almondblossom

Oh happy man

Yesterday brought a walk in Cambridge, the first time since my initial jab in March when the city was deserted and desolate. No longer! Now there are lots of people about, not to an alarming pre-Covid degree, but just wonderful to be part of it. My companion very rudely suggested I had a ulterior motive in choosing Cambridge for the weekly walk because our path would (strangely enough) go past a record store. It’s an outrageous slur!!

Considering it’s June there were very few punters on the Cam (in normal times it would have been a solid M25 style situation) but Trinity bridge is a good spot to watch those that had taken the plunge, as it were. This man was having the best time bedecked in his colour co-ordinated paddle, backpack, shorts and board. Very pleasing!

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