Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Finishing Off

We've had  a pretty relaxed day pottering around doing jobs indoors and outdoors.  In between jobs I've been watching the first stage of the Tour de France.  There were two nasty crashes, one caused by a daft spectator holding a sign out for her one moment of fame on camera.  Almost the whole peloton was brought down with bikes flying through the air...bonkers.  There was an exciting uphill finish with Alaphillipe celebrating being a new dad by going out 2kms ahead of the line and holding on to the lead.

Tony's main job of the morning was finishing off the patio paving following the gate going in a couple of weeks back.  We think the next major garden project will be to replace the privet hedge with a low wall.  It's getting difficult to maintain running alongside the mini meadow and the rockery and privet is not the best hedge.  It fulfilled a need once.

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