By Mrsmacdub

Walk around Orewa

Today we went on a walk around Orewa with our Auckland Natural History Walking Club group.  It was an overcast day and we were sprinkled with rain two or three times, but the forecast heavy rain didn’t arrive until 15 minutes or so before we finished the walk.  Our starting and finishing point was the Estuary Arts Centre, which we were able to visit before boarding the coach for the trip back to Auckland. The main blip shows three very different seats we passed on the walk and an interesting letterbox. The first extra shows a sculpture overlooking Orewa beach, an interesting bicycle contraption outside a café, a clock tower at the entrance to what we think is a huge retirement complex, and some decorated gum boots (wellies) on display outside the Arts Centre.  The second blip shows an 800-year-old Kauri tree, a white bird (type unknown) spotted as we walked into Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve and two views of the Orewa river/estuary.  We did 11.5kms, so not a bad walk.

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