A Walk Through Deb's Life

By debsthoughts

Wisconsin in a Day

You know you're in Wisconsin when...

Billboards advertise cheese
Directions contain landmarks (i.e., Cheese Advertisements)
Sausage casings are on display at the meat market
Grocery store names contain the words 'Piggly Wiggly'

I dropped Nikki off at the 7-11 parking lot where Ned met up with us. It was sad to say goodbye after an entire week of her company. They both spent the week at our house in the far west suburbs because their urban condo hardwood floors were being refinished by the builder due to an installation error. She helped me with my Olivia duties this past week and I was able to sneak out to take care of soap business here and there. After the drop off, I headed north to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to pick up our grass-fed beef order at the meat market. I felt lost as I drove up there but managed to continue heading in the general direction (north) until I managed to find the place.

I didn't get home until close to 4 p.m. - an entire day spent in the car. I am now exhausted but happy to have a full freezer and Porterhouse steaks thawing for dinner.

Tomorrow is my 100th blip celebration. ...what to do, what to do...Time will tell.

I am grateful for good food in my freezer, for a husband who tilled the veggie garden today, and for 99 consecutive days of blipping my heart out.

I back blipped Owen's birthday here and Olivia sitting up here.

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