Game Birds

It was very wet by the time I got out, Blip-hunting.  My new lens (Fuji XF 70-300) arrived in the post this afternoon, so I had to get out and try it, despite the weather (it's a "WR" lens, so should cope with heavy rain, but my Fuji X-T30 is not).  I've been quite keen to use a longer zoom than my 50-230, but the long shots were not suitable so I've contented myself with this max aperture close shot.

I'll refrain from bad-taste comments about "game birds" and how I would have been keen to meet such girls when I was a youth, but I have been dying to use this scene for a few weeks, ever since I saw the sign.

And as I write this, the rain has swept in again and the gutter above my head, one that I cleared a couple of weeks ago, has overflowed and is pouring on the water butts below.  Sigh!

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