Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Promise on the Morrow

The Hobblers just reached home before the rain arrived after a particularly tough run.  The Moor is a great place to run but it takes some getting to!

It's been another day of jobs, interspersed with watching the third stage of the Tour de France.  There were several crashes again today and it remains to be seen if Geraint Thomas is back on his bike tomorrow after appearing to dislocate a shoulder.

Tony has baked both lemon drizzle and chocolate cakes, yum, so we are just sitting down to enjoy them with a cuppa.  We have heard from Jen and Pete who are safely ensconced at the Llama Farmers B&B  en route to Glasgow tomorrow in search of a place to live for when they begin their new jobs.  Thank goodness that Becky, Rob and Euan have somewhere to live when they arrive home in August.

No thought of a blip again so I dived out to the patio between raindrops having spotted several of these poppies about to burst.  Maybe if we get some sunshine tomorrow....

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