Sobers Run ...

... Rock cairn revisited.

We packed our lunch today and then headed off to Jacobsburg state park for a walk and picnic!  The heat wave continues so we wanted to get out early.  

For our walk we went to Sobers Run as we knew it is somewhat shady and wouldn't be a hot as other trails in at Jacobsburg. As we approached the spot where I created the rock cairn on June 5 we could see that only this solitary rock remained.  I couldn't resist taking some pictures. 

From Sobers Run trail we went to pavilion near the frog pond to have our lunch.  Then we checked on the frogs ... keeping an eye out for hummingbirds.  And lo and behold ... we actually saw a hummingbird on come beebalm flowers!  This is the first hummingbird that we have seen at JBurg this year! Which is absolutely unbelievable because in past years our first sightings would have been in May ... and maybe even April. We were happy to see her even if I didn't get any pictures. 

When we returned home I almost immediately jumped on the pool ... only stopping to change into my swimsuit!  The cool water felt great!

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