David J. Rose

By djrose007


My new mini chain saw pole thing is broken, just waiting for them to get one in stock to change it under warranty.
In the meantime, I decided I could use my old, very old, lopper that I inherited from my father. It was given to him by one of our Hereford family members who worked in the Bulmers Cider orchards, it was used for pruning the apple trees. He had got it from a previous family member and my father reckoned it is probably around 100 years old.
A few years ago it snapped down by the pivot part of the handle, it's a weaker point due to the hole drilled through the wood for the bolt which acts as the fulcrum for the lever handle. I had to dispense with about 1 foot of the pole and reconfigure the lever, which involved taking up the slack on the metal rod that connects to the cutting blade. The rod can get bent if the blade gets stuck and I'm trying to release it, lesson is not to pick on a branch that is just a bit too thick for the hook!
I did a lot of the Hawthorn tree though, still a lot to do but the green, garden waste, bin is crammed now even after getting in and pushing it down twice!

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