By Jamjar

I've bought myself a self inflating camping pillow, and not before time! If I go camping with the car I'll usually take my lovely feather pillow from home, but I couldn't do that on the Saints Way and made do with clothes in a drybag... which wasn't good enough. 

After that the day was spent WhatsApping re camping, gardening and packing. Fi has offered to be the driver, I'm taking my smaller tent, therefore I've been trying to be as minimalist as possible while still having everything I need.... !!!!

Climbing bag
Walking bag
Boot/sandal bag
Tent bag
Sleepingbag, Thermarest and pillow bag
Clothes bag
Cooker bag
Food box including small coolbag - although not sure I'll bother with this...
Kettle, plate, bowl, utensils bag.

Is it all going to fit in the tent? I've no idea!

Honestly, if I was walking long distance without baggage transfer, there's no way I would be camping. That's for the young 'uns!

In the garden the sparrows delight in pecking at the chard, I've watched them. So I've replanted the poor things into a big pot and put it out of the way. Fingers crossed it'll survive.

The broad beans looked great and I picked quite a few, but then I noticed the blackfly... so I cut off the tops, again because I'd already done it once in an effort to get in first.

The coming few days in Langdale comprise the last of my June trips, and life quietens down a little when I get back. I might even get the last two dining chairs put together, and there's still decorating to be done. I may even get back to commenting...

Extra: my front garden and it's Let it Bloom June lawn.

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