Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Penny Has a New Home!

A few weeks (months?)  ago Fiona and I had a discussion about wills… which ended with her saying she’d like me to put my homemade doll collection in my will for her.   “We don’t have to wait that long”, I said, so today she came over , we had milkshakes and cookies  and it took hours to sort this plastic box’s contents .  But she has Penny , the doll I made in grade school (we’re talking the 50s) and 4 siblings.  (Pammy, Percy, Priscilla and Pete) . Fiona is so into families, she thinks these will get along well with her PMV families… And they are on their way to her house, out of our bathtub storage!!  It was very fun.   Extra shows the box before, Penny’s holsters and guns, reading one of her little books, tired out after sorting thru the whole box, and the end result with everyone’s clothes sorted and beds on top.   Including the dog and cat and a stray mouse with his own wardrobe.   I had made a little book of them when Tatum and I played with these (for hours!) …so we could double check which clothes went with which dolls.  Will try to find an old blip with Tatum….

But the other part of this fine day was the 6 week visit to my hip surgeon, who says I’m doing fantastic .. “6 weeks is like yesterday with these trauma hips” !  And she eased some of the restrictions…yea!   (could not resist her photo in the other extra…she comes up to my shoulder..she’s French and new to the UW running one of their trauma programs.)   We did have the expected discussion of rowing.   with the expected conclusion that those days are over.  :-)  a repetitive movement with such an angle on a rowing slide is NOT a good idea….about the only one she’s ever had this talk with!  but don’t feel too bad… my rowing boat (in my avatar) comes with a sliding seat and a stationary seat, so I can still get out on the water for a regular row..which I intend to do before Fall.     I feel a rant about Canada coming up tomorrow on Canada Day.   

So happy to have cloudy cool marine air this morning!

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