Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Charles Island

An excellent day for a row......I went farther than I’ve been since 2019….to the other end of Charles Island, ( not that far!…..the little round one on the right in the extra, with a great does have a dock on the right,)… this is the perfect exercise for me (as long as the weather is also perfect that is)…... arms legs, core, and there’s no chance I will fall over!  Aerobic, not so much, fortunately .. but the boat moves easily.    This is the little house on the little island that has not been used for years……owned by a family from Washington….I wonder if we will see anyone take those boards off this year.   It’s very rustic,    I was hoping to see the pigeon guillemots that live in the rocks here  but no luck this time.   Only a gull.
And I hope Mike will be pleased that I took the bucket of broken tiles to dump out in the deep…more cleanup!   

Thanks so much for the love for the eagle yesterday!  I do appreciate it and know there are many more interesting ones on blip

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